Productive Mindfulness Series #1 – An Introduction

While the concept of mindfulness has been around for centuries and has formed the basis of many religious and contemplative traditions, in the past 10 years many organisations have introduced and encouraged mindfulness practices for their employees. Studies have shown the mindfulness practices can be reliably and validly measured, and are linked to an array of individual and organisational outcomes, including increased productivity, decreased stressed levels and improved commitment to organisational goals.

We are proposing a series of 60-minute engaging and experiential online training modules that introduce valuable mindfulness practices that can help individuals improve their performance, satisfaction and well-being and address organisational aims. These modules can be delivered as a series, or as individual, stand-alone offerings.

Productive Mindfulness Programme Aims:

  • To boost personal and collective productivity
  • To improve employee engagement and satisfaction
  • To improve management of stress and anxiety
  • To enhance focus, resilience and creativity
  • To reduce burnout, absenteeism and turnover

Links to Your Previous Learning Initiatives

  • We’ll explore the special challenges of mindfulness in a home-working environment
  • We show how using a growth mindset can help people learn and integrate mindfulness practices into their daily lives
  • We’ll show how mindfulness can improve and encourage greater Mental Well-Being
  • We’ll show how mindfulness can support individuals facing productive pressure and destructive stress


Module 1 : Mindfulness: An Introduction

Engaging in simple mindfulness practices can benefit personal and collective performance and well-being. The beauty of mindfulness is its ease: mindfulness can be practiced anytime, anywhere, without special clothing or equipment. By turning many ‘in-between moments’ into opportunities for mindfulness, participants can detox from the information overload and incessant distractions that are a feature of our modern lives.

In this module we will share:

  • A short history of mindfulness in the context of organisations
  • The personal and collective benefits of mindfulness
  • Seven simple personal physical and mental mindfulness practices to renew energy, focus and productivity
  • Ways to find ‘pockets of peace’ during your working day
  • How to carve out time for and build a formal mindfulness practice

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