Beating the Blues: How to Stay Positive in an Uncertain World


Studies reveal a strong link between personal happiness and professional engagement, performance, employee satisfaction and organisational success. The principles of Positive Psychology offer many ways to promote happiness at well being. One of these emphasizes the importance of ‘beating the blues,’ by helping people find positive outlets to speak their minds and to express their frustrations, and disappointments–everything from minor pet peeves to the things that drive them up the wall.


  • To increase workplace resilience and well-being
  • To improve employee engagement and retention
  • To enhance a workplace culture that allows authenticity, openness, honesty and vulnerability


This interactive and reflective session will:

  • Share essential practices of Positive Psychology
  • Clarify the importance of finding constructive outlets for their authentic emotions
  • Help people discover, acknowledge and overcome the day-to-day and longer- term problems, frustrations and obstacles they face in their jobs
  • Introduce key team practices that acknowledge ‘the whole person.’