Online Workshops

Virtual workshops are now an essential element to any team or organisation’s development and offer the opportunity to create collaborative outcomes whilst keeping everyone connected.

They can be extremely effective when run virtually, albeit with a few special considerations regarding the facilitation, duration and structure. In order to successfully replace what may have been a two-day traditional workshop or team retreat, we often segment the event into three to five sessions that are focussed on separate goals or phases.

Our workshops are always made to measure to ensure relevancy and expertly facilitated from A to Z by one of our master facilitators. Below you can see some examples of online workshops that are extremely popular at the moment.


Online Workshops Online Learning


"Thanks again for allowing us to be so productive. We couldn't have done this with out you." "By far, the best facilitator I've worked with in over 20 years!"

Above expectations in terms of the objectives set! Thank you Live Learning for navigating us through the whole experience. It has been a real pleasure.