Online Workshop – Shaping our new normal


As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not only economic, but also behavioral, various analysists expects that it will lead to a “new normal”. For most industries this “new normal” comes with new opportunities: digitisation, mobility, and policy review as well as plenty of challenges such as the emotional ups and downs of everyone’s ‘coronacoaster’ride.

“We are witnessing companies change business models overnight and enable new products and services out of necessity to meet a new demand that was imposed on us all. We have headed into a phase of life where digital by default has become part of the very lifeblood of how we survive.”

Howard O’Donnell CEO & Founder of Live Learning.

The ‘New Normal’ dictates a move from ‘physical first’  to ‘digital by default’. This is made more difficult by a changing environment that requires us to be increasingly reactive, creative and empathetic. This is where Live Learning can successfully bring value through our individual or collective accompaniments.

These workshops are invaluable today and make a real difference. Here’s a feedback from the leader of a team of 28 senior managers that worked with us over two weeks remotely in three engaging sessions.

“A huge thank you for the achievement over the two days. I must admit I enjoyed it very much and the feedback on the ground is excellent, some people are saying it’s the best session they’ve ever had”

CEO, Private Banking / Switzerland

Session 1 – Living through turbulent times

We will take a moment to look back, reflect and surface lessons from the recent past as we adapt, adopt and advance together into the ‘new normal’. We will discuss change, key behaviours in VUCA times.

The impacts felt today and the long-term effect from these new learned behaviors will become The New Normal. Participants will have an opportunity to respond live to an inclusiveness while remote working survey as well as taking part in a collective exercise to capture and share key learning points from everyone.

Session 2 –  Culture creation and digital collaboration

We will focus on the new needs of teams as we all adapt the way we need to work, rethink team culture and rituals as well as how we now need to collaborate.

Session 3 – Reframing business

A virtual breakout session will give the opportunity to focus on the business challenges ahead, explore and adapt strategies and ensure a co-created way forward that remains relevant, adaptive and understood. This session also focusses in designing the narrative, testing and iterating in groups or pairs before the final session.

Session 4 – Reconvene

Report back, pitch ideas and discuss as a whole group so that a collective solution is understood by all and ready to launch.

Prices vary depending on the amount of preparation involved, number of participants / sessions but typically cost in the region of 2 000 – 3 000€ + tax