Online Workshop – Team Booster


We have over 15 years of global experience in facilitating team development programmes and will create the collective shift you are looking for. We enable leaders and their teams to become more successful by expertly facilitating remote workshops that enhance team dynamics, create clarity and build the priorities for your business.

Team booster workshops are designed for established teams that are in need of a valuable ‘pause button’ in their busy world in order to address new challenges, re-connect and reset objectives. They are designed to support empowerment, team effectiveness, build trust and create dialogue around any issues that might be out of reach back in the work place.

Preparation phase: We conduct remote team interviews to ensure everyone is heard, build trust in the process, shape the direction and feel of the team booster as well as ensuring we focus on what the team needs via a “bottom-up” approach.

The resulting diagnostic from the interview phase creates an opportunity for a ‘reality check’ on core elements such as team culture, ways of working, relationships and improvement ideas. As a result the team become collectively responsible for making the necessary adjustments in order to perform.

We have a wide range of tried and tested sequences and activities that can be used to support the specific needs of any team as well as designing bespoke alternatives.

Duration: A typical online Team Booster workshop is organised into two or three half-day sessions compared to a 2-day ‘physical’ offsite version.

Prices vary depending on the amount of preparation, number of participants / sessions but typically cost in the region of 2 000 – 3 000€ + tax