Online Workshop – Innovation Performance 


This type of online workshop provides the opportunity to create collaborative outcomes that define your future. We will help you to surface the key organisational or team challenges and support the collective ambition to ensure they become a reality.

Thinking Like A Futurist is the #1 Skill For Leaders

Contrary to what some people believe, futurists don’t predict the future. Instead, they help make sure individuals and organizations aren’t surprised by what the future might bring. Thinking like a futurist involves looking at different possibilities and scenarios as opposed to picking one path and sticking to it.

One way to develop strategic foresight is with an Innovation performance workshop which typically follow the steps below.

Session 1: Insights – Position a problem, agree on the goal, collect team insights, opinions and research from the whole group.

Session 2: Design – Facilitated breakout groups who create together, reflect, challenge, explore, iterate and consolidate the problem solutions.

Session 3: Reconvene – Report back, pitch ideas and discuss as a whole group so that a collective solution is understood by all and ready to launch.

Prices vary depending on the amount of preparation, number of participants /sessions but typically cost in the region of 2 000 – 3 000€ + tax