What do you need to know about Live Learning?

What we do

We get to the heart of what organisations want: passionate, resourceful and knowledgeable people that are working together, enjoying themselves and going in the right direction.

Our learning solutions feature insightful and enjoyable training, online coaching and workshops that connect hearts and minds. Clients describe us as a reactive, agreeable and creative partner and our ‘small is beautiful’ business model gives you access to the best for less.

Live Learning has been enabling professionals to improve their ability to manage, lead and work in teams more effectively since 2005.

Howard O’Donnell

CEO and Founder of Live Learning

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Meet some of the team

Jack Pinter

Terry McLean

We create powerful learning interventions that generate as many  ‘lightbulb moments’ as possible for our clients. Transformational change is only possible when we address and develop the right behaviours and that business success today requires both right and left brain thinking.

Live Learning supports this development by engaging hearts and minds.

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Individual Learner?

Coming soon!

Soon you’ll  be able to check availability and purchase your Online Learning Solutions directly on this site.

Company initiative?

Develop, motivate and Reward your employees by offering them a choice of masterclasses, from only *60€ + tax per participant!

*based on a maximum group size of 10

To learn more about all other “physical” solutions to support individual teams and organisation, check the website: