Renewing Your Personal Energy


Professional life can ask a lot of us, especially in a remote, home-working environment. Our working day can leave our physical and mental energy levels seriously depleted. The energy crisis that results can impact on also aspects of life, including our efficiency and productivity, as well as our sense of contentedness and quality of life.  A recent article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that managers should concentrate more on managing their energy  than managing their time.


This session reveals a range of strategies for renewing and restoring personal energy and improving well-being. We’ll share simple physical practices that can mobilise our inner resources to maintain a healthy, energised body, including an easy-to-do five-minute routine that you can do at your desk, in your office or in a meeting to refresh and revitalise yourself, We’ll also share practices to sharpen mental concentration, and memory, and cope will the specific challenges of virtual work.