Master Your Emotions – The Inner Jedi #2

The Inner Jedi Series

Building personal resilience, managing stress and developing a ‘can-do’ attitude directly supports the creation of positive and inclusive working cultures, richer colleague relationships and improved performance.

The success of your manager depends on how they get the best from their teams and we understand that managing people is one of the most challenging roles anyone can undertake. In today’s volatile and uncertain world, having the right attitudes and behaviours has never been more crucial.

Our online Masterclass solutions allow participants to acquire and practice practical skills and refresh attitudes and behaviours. We are proposing a series of two 90 minute engaging
masterclasses that will be delivered in a ‘coach-like’ approach to a group size of 8-10 max ensuring learning is transferrable and sustainable.


  • Build a renewed sense of confidence
  • Increase the ability to manage themselves and others more effectively
  • To offer tools that can be easily applied in challenging situations

Module 2: Developing your Inner Jedi

Exploring our emotions

  • Understanding the link between Needs & Emotions
  • Impact of pleasant emotions
  • Emotional intelligence applied to the current changing situation
  • Understanding how emotions affect our decision making & performance
  • Objectivity and subjectivity – the art of reframing reality for more resilience and less stress
  • The emotional scale – energetic ladder to reach high emotional energy
  • Expanding the ‘emotional palette’ in order to increase our ability to choose, manage and influence stressful situations
  • The importance of redefining our relationship with stress and our environment
  • Managing reality – transforming reality via the Art of Possibility including tools like PIES, lessons from The Stockdale Paradox to famous orchestra conductors.

States of excellence – stress management and ‘self-priming’ you choose the mood!
Offering a combination of techniques for the brain to become “smarter, sharper, and brighter”. By factoring in a mental workout in the same way that we might go to the gym to exercise, we get cleverer and our IQ rockets.

Mindfulness applications

A selection or and 2, 5, 12-minute Mindfulness exercises to prepare for and deal with stress and anxiety during the busiest moments of your day and in challenging situations – to help you access you’re A+ version.

A selection of techniques includes:
Tactile, Tense and relax, Moving, Sitting, Label with anchor, Label while Scanning

Learning outcomes

  • Be able to outsmart our brain
  • Instil a sense of realistic optimism for professional development
  • Improve creativity in problem solving
  • Recognise how to become more assertive through enhanced awareness of personal inhibitors
  • Regulate energy, emotions and learn to pace yourself
  • Develop skills to reduce anxiety & stress
  • Strengthen personal boundaries & relationships
  • View adversity as an opportunity

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