Don’t Panic! How to move from a Reactive to a Creative State of Mind


Our state of mind determines our reaction to challenging situations. When we sense danger, our limbic brains react to protect us. This is our reactive mind. We all have our own personal fight-flight-freeze reactions to specific situations at work, but our reactive, automatic responses often don’t create productive outcomes. Our ability to choose a more creative response to these situations is essential for individual and collective success.


  • To increase individual resilience and productivity
  • To find creative responses to stressful situations
  • To reduce sources of workplace conflict
  • To create greater self- awareness and self-compassion


In this session, participants will:

  • Learn how the neuroscience of our brains determines our responses to stressful situations
  • Define and discover their ‘triggers’ and ‘hot buttons’ that cause them to go a into a fight-flight-freeze reactive protective state.
  • Examine their responses in this reactive state, including the impact on other
  • Discover ways to rewire their brains and shift into a more creative response to stressful situations, connected to their personal values