Essential Skills: The Six Levels of Listening



Outstanding listening skills are essential for any manager or leader. Research shows that the type and quality of our listening determines whether people feel understood and valued, and whether they are likely to trust us, and are motivated to share information and work together with us.


  • Improve collaborative working
  • Create and maintain trust-based relationships
  • Make people feel heard and valued
  • Develop empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Stay in the loop of what is going on


In this interactive session, you will practice the six levels of listening and understand how they influence every interaction, conversation and exchange.

  • You’ll demonstrate the effect that not listening has on a speaker
  • You’ll experience the impact of pretending to listen
  • You’ll understand how internal listening can alienate your conversation partners
  • You’ll become aware of how we often listen for facts
  • You’ll understand the value of listening for emotions
  • You’ll learn how to listen to the relationship—what is happening in your interaction between you and your conversation partners

You will also learn how to use empathy and emotional recognition to increase influence, rapport, engagement and motivation.