The Presenter’s Toolbox



Presentations are a ubiquitous feature of organisational life and a vital means by which information is communicated. Yet ‘Death by PowerPoint’ is a common affliction in many organisation, and a google search for ‘Powerpoint Sucks’ yields 1.7 million responses. There is another way.

Aims and Objectives

  • Offer alternatives to slide-based presentations
  • Increase the impact of employee presentations
  • Improve how employees represent their work
  • Enliven the communication culture of the organisation
  • Develop valuable communication skills


We’ll focus on the two key areas of structuring and delivering effective and engaging presentations without slides. We’ll share tools to enable you to improve how you structure your presentations to:

  • Create shorter, more focused presentations
  • Deliver presentations that audiences can immediately grasp and understand
  • Decrease that time spent preparing for presentations

Then we’ll share presentation delivery techniques to help you:

  • Be more engaging than any two dimensional slide show could ever be
  • Use stories, metaphors, images, props and memorable language to engage audiences
  • Create congruence between voice, body, personality and content
  • Respond with conviction and and confidence to challenges and difficult questions
  • Enjoy giving engaging presentations