Essential Skills: Effective Media Presentations



Radio, television and other media appearances are an effective way to raise the profile of your organisation and its staff. Media outlets need technical expertise and complex concepts presented in concise, easy-to-understand ways. There are a series of practical challenges to meet in order to deliver succinct, focused and key messages to the media effectively and with confidence, increasing the chances of accurate and positive media coverage.


  • Raise the profile of your organisation and its employees
  • Communicate your accomplishments effectively to a wide audience
  • Create and reinforce a positive image of the organisation


We’ll show participants a simple method to define, distil and structure strong media content, and how to emphasise key points that a wider, public audience will easily grasp and understand. Participants will learn narrative techniques to communicate their expertise using stories, metaphors and association, and will learn how to create memorable take-aways and sound bites.