Dare and Do: Practicing the Agile Mindset

Many workplace cultures do not encourage employees at all levels of the organisation to question ineffective existing practices, speak up about issues and problems and to initiate change. Research has shown that Culture Change processes succeed less than 30% of the time. In any change process, it’s important to empower all employees to drive change in the spheres of their work. Yet there are many internal and external barriers to change that need to be overcome.

Aims and Objectives

  • To accelerate organisational change and/or culture change
  • To increase ‘ownership’ of issues and initiatives
  • To empower all employees to believe that ‘I can make a positive difference’
  • To invite people to proactively speak up and ‘Dare and Do’ what is needed in their roles


This innovative program uses a storytelling paradigm to invite people to explore their immediate and long-term ambitions for their role. We’ll engage participants in a series of interactive exercises that enable them to:

  • Define the personal motivational drivers and ambitions they have for their work
  • Examine the fears and concerns that block them from contributing all they can
  • Explore how they can overcome the cultural and systemic obstacles that prevent action
  • Create a plan for how they will ‘speak up’ to drive organisational success and transformation in the future