Essential Skills: Excellent Emails



There are a lot of important areas in the business world, but there are not many more important or essential than email. Business emails are a great way of communicating with clients and potential customers all over the world. Sometimes phone calls are not a viable form of communication due to language barriers and time zones. But emails allow you to connect with people across the world in a professional and concise fashion.


E-mail is so heavily and globally used to communicate in the workplace… that unclear, garbled, poorly written e-mails waste time, money, and productivity. By the end of this masterclass you will be ready to optimise this ‘game-changing’ area of communication.


In this engaging masterclass you will discover the recipe for excellent emails and understand why it’s so easy for emails to leave a bad impression.

  • What makes an effective email
  • Marketing is not a department !
  • The Secrets to writing a killer email
  • Best practice and models
  • Don’t forget the human