The Essentials of Collaborative Negotiation



Negotiation plays a central role in our working lives, from formal deal-making with external stakeholders to less formal compromises and agreements made with our colleagues. Negotiation is often viewed as zero-sum game, in which someone must win while another must lose. There are many opportunities to create and find win-win solutions when practicing collaborative negotiation.

Aims and Objectives

Participants will learn to:

  • Look for win-win outcomes in negotiations with internal and external stakeholders
  • View negotiation as a means to build and deepen relationships
  • Become more comfortable and confident in conflict situations
  • Create a positive negotiating environment


This programme combines tried and tested negotiation frameworks with theatre-based communication tools designed to create rapport and build relationships. Participants will learn to master 3 models which will help them:

  • Clarify their goals and objectives in any negotiation
  • Understand others’ issues and partisan perceptions
  • Explore what is going on beneath the surface in any negotiation
  • Expand their negotiating tactics to partner with others to create win-win, mutually satisfactory outcomes.