Understanding Your Team



Being able to get people to work together more effectively can be the difference between winning and losing.

In this masterclass we explore the need to identify differences in team behaviour, communication and ways of working and learn how to adapt our own style in order to create collective resonance. This session offers a valuable insight into the famous DISC personality training and development tool designed to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.
Patrick Lencioni


  • Decipher past relational conflict by recognizing underlying blind spots you may not have noticed at the time.
  • Recognize the lens through which you see the world, people, situations, and certain things you value that others may not.
  • Reflect on what job will suit you and feel like a natural fit.
  • Stand out from the pack, equipped with new self-awareness useful in interview and professional conversations. Companies look for high IQ, but also high EQ (“emotional quotient”). They want people who work well as a team.
  • Gain a practical, quick reference to help you understand how to communicate effectively with different personalities.
  • Improve communication with friends and family.
  • Set yourself up for early success in a new job as you meet and interact with new teammates.
  • Understand tension, conflict, and other challenges when communicating.


  • Introduction to the 4 preferences
  • Learn about the points of potential tension
  • Develop a plan to become more agile
  • Includes a rapid scan DISC test