Remote Presentations



Learn how to transmit authenticity, charisma and impact in remote settings AND staying on message!

Making sure that you optimise your online presentation skills and connect with your audience is essential in our new ‘digital by default’ world. Remote working is here to stay and getting up skilled in this key area has become an essential part of the new management toolbox.

We’ll share tools to enable you to improve how you structure your presentations to:

  • Create shorter, more focused presentations
  • Deliver presentations that audiences can immediately grasp and understand
  • Decrease that time spent preparing for presentations
  • Create congruence between voice, body, personality and content
  • Feel positive about giving engaging remote presentations


  • The 3 keys to effective communication
  • Leverage the power of gravitas to convey authority and ‘weight’
  • How to to maximise audience attention
  • Dealing with questions and challenges